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Webcams in Netherlands

Flag of NetherlandsThe Netherlands, officially the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Nederland and Dutch Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, is a country in Western Europe, border with Belgium to the south and Germany to the east. Constitutional monarchy nearly seventeen million inhabitants, the capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, although the government and parliament are in The Hague. Administered in twelve provinces, the country also has six overseas territories in the Caribbean. The average altitude of the Netherlands is very low: one quarter of the territory is located below the level of the North Sea, which bathes the west and north. Typical Dutch landscape is also made up of “broad rivers flowing peacefully through endless plains”, as the poet Hendrik Marsman. Despite this, the coastal areas are mostly protected by dikes built throughout the country’s history due to the many natural disasters related to water identified. This saying known in the Netherlands can summarize the situation of the country: “God created the world and the Dutch created the Netherlands.” The name Holland is often used in everyday language, and improperly, to designate the Netherlands as a whole. This term refers to a portion of the west.