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Gustavia is the main town of the island of Saint Barthelemy, community overseas French West Indies.
Gustavia is located on the western coast of St. Barts. The town is built around the port of Gustavia, a natural inlet opening on the harbor of Gustavia.
During the French colonization of Saint Bartholomew, from the mid-seventeenth century, the site of Gustavia was named “The Shroud”, probably because of the shelter it provides to allow careening boats.
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Comité Territorial de Tourisme de Saint-Barthélémy
Comité Territorial de Tourisme de Saint-Barthélémy
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In 1785, Saint Barthelemy is ceded by France to Sweden against a warehouse right in Gothenburg. In 1787, the village of Cowling is renamed "Gustavia" in honor of King Gustav III of Sweden.
The island is sold to France in 1878.
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Rue de la Republique, Gustavia, Saint-Barthélemy

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