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Lokrum is one of the islands off the city of Dubrovnik, about 600 meters off the Dalmatian coast. It extends over two kilometers long from north to south and 500 meters wide. The highlight of the island is 96 meters.
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The history of the island dates back to the nineteenth century, when a Benedictine monastery was founded in 1023. The name Lokrum (La-croma) PROVINT acrumen the Latin word meaning "bitter fruit". A botanical tradition - and especially the growing of fruit - dates back to the Benedictine era. According to legend, Richard the Lion Heart, on his return from the Crusades in 1192, took refuge on the island after the sinking of his ship. As a reward, the king decided to build a church on the island; However, on the request of the citizens of Dubrovnik, the church was built in this city and not on the island of Lokrum.
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Ul. Frana Cale, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatie

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