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Webcams in Sweden

Flag of SwedenSweden is a country in northern Europe that is part of Scandinavia. Its capital is Stockholm and its inhabitants are called Swedes. The language spoken is Swedish. Finnish and Sami are also spoken, mainly in the north. Regional variations are common.

Sweden borders with Norway to the west and another with Finland northeast. To the south, Denmark, which the country is connected by the Öresund Bridge is 4 km wide. The north of Sweden is occupied by Lapland, Sápmi called by its inhabitants, the Sami, who were the first inhabitants of northern Scandinavia.

Sweden is part of the European Union since 1995, but not in the euro zone.

With a territory of 964 km2 area of ​​449, Sweden is the fifth largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine, France and Spain. Sweden has a low population density except in metropolitan areas. The urbanization rate is 84%, whereas cities occupy qu’1,3% of the territory. Safeguarding the environment and the issue of renewable energies are generally the priority of politicians and a large part of the population.